Introduction to Binishelter System

4. The Concept of Self- Help Housing or the Involvement of the Inhabitant

This new BiniShelter system involves the stocking of its components for their future use. These components can be wrapped in plastic and ready to be used. In just a few minutes and even in extreme emergencies, the special pneumatic device (or Central Lifting Unit) erect the shelter in minutes.Thus without the intervention of costly contractors, and in a timeframe unmatched by any other system, the BiniShelter systems can produce a structure, completely finished (walls and a roof) so that can be immediately consigned to the intended occupants. The occupants would then be invited to complete the construction and interior finishings according to their own conditions, needs and taste within the guidelines and options provided by the local authorities. This intervention philosophy, of great socio-psychological impact, is called Self-Help Housing. This approach ensures that the future occupants have an interest in being involved in the construction and fitting out of their own housing unit in a completely safe environment.

In conclusion, leaving to Japan the too advanced Mechatronic Construction Science, new modern theories such as :

A. Infrastructural Pre-urbanization
B. On Site Construction Automation Science.
C. Self-Help Housing with the "involvement of future occupants" should be adopted as guide lines for Emergency Urban Settlement of the 21st Century.